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“Youth is Wasted on the Young.”

Calling all Young Professionals

Perhaps George Bernard Shaw was being a bit harsh in his assessment of the young. However, I can understand his sentiment as each year passes. Certainly there is much we can all learn from those younger than we and, of course, vice versa.

Much has been written lately about the “Millennial Generation”, those born roughly between the early 1980’s through 2000. As this generation infiltrates the workforce they will undoubtedly make their mark bringing their own particular values, work-ethic and culture with them. Depending on what you read this generation is tech-savvy, doesn’t own cars, cares about the environment, carries lots of student debt and consequently, lives longer at home, changes jobs often, is highly educated and values work/life balance.

As employers, I’m sure many of you have read studies or attended seminars on how to effectively manage this younger generation in the workplace. Here at the NVCC we are looking to engage the millennials that work for you through our newly formed Young Professionals Group. “Neponset Valley Young Professionals” hosted its first meeting informally this spring at the Summer Shack. The response was great and so we’ve decided to offer a regular program of opportunities for your younger employees to participate in. Let me be clear here about something. This is not meant to be an exclusive group that is open only to a certain age demographic. All are welcome in the YP sandbox, however the programs they offer will be geared toward activities that appeal more to the young and the young at heart.

Chamber Board members Patrick Powers and Vinny Lombardi working with Shannah Paddock, Adam Goodrich and Jolene Rambone have researched YP groups in other communities and come up with the following four goals for the group:

1. Develop a community focused organization providing a measurable impact to the Neponset Valley community.
2. Attract and retain Young Professional leadership talent from within the Neponset Valley community.
3. Implement a calendar of strategic events to incorporate both personal and professional development opportunities.
4. Create a sustainable blue print to advance the NVYP mission for future leadership.

The goals are part of a larger Strategic Vision which you can read here.
The next activity scheduled is an Intro to CrossFit & End of Summer Cookout Hosted by Velocity Sports Performance & Marathon Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine on September 3rd from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.
This is a great event for those who are interested in learning more about CrossFit and starting a fitness routine in a setting full of other “newbies.”

I encourage anyone interested in being a part of the YP group to let me know so we can build our database of interested members. Also, please share this information with others in your company who may not know about it, but might find it beneficial to their professional growth.

Finally as a side note, I recently read a book about Chambers of Commerce in the United States (insert your geek joke here) and was interested to learn that just after World War I, the trend in Chambers was to form Junior Chambers of Commerce (later the Jaycees) as a means of encouraging younger folks to become involved in the community and grow their businesses. One hundred years later and we are doing a very similar thing. Maybe youth isn’t wasted on the young.