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Why Should Business Blog?

Before I can answer why you as a business should blog, I must ask ths...

1. Do you want your business listing to show on the first page of a SERP? (Search Engine Results Page)
2. Do you want people to join your business in social networking communities like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin?

If you said no to both of these questions, then I'm not sure you will not get much from this article. If you said yes to either one, please keep reading.

Let's start with your business showing up on the first page of a search engine results page. There is no guarantee that you will show up on the first page, of let's say, Google, but you greatly increase the chances when you are blogging. Why? The search engines are looking for quality content and relevant information. When you blog you are telling stories about products and services related to your business. You are including keyword phrases that describe your product and service and you are doing this on a consistent basis, probably once a week. Statistics show that if you blog once a week for a year (52 blog articles) you can increase your web traffic by 77%. I have been writing a blog, Friends Food Family, for almost 4 years and I realized that for every 100 blog articles I wrote, I had 2000 new visitors to my site. My recognition also came with analytics from Google that showed me the number of people visiting my site. I presently have 12,000 people visiting my site per month going through over 40,000 pages. Not bad for blogging 1-2 times a week. Blogging will increase your website's search engine optimization (SEO). The better a business's SEO, the better chances of landing on the first page of a web search.

Next is getting people to "follow" you in social networks. When you have a business page on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+, you want clients and customers to "like" the page. You have to provide quality information about your business because it will take them back to the website. If you are not adding value to the communities, people get bored and eventually click the "unsubscribe", "unfollow" or "unfriend" button. When you are blogging on a consistent basis with new content, people have an added appreciation for your product or service, especially if they feel like you are including them. When customers feel connected, they