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Thank You for That Referral

As summer winds down and folks return from vacations and ease back into the school year, it doesn't mean the end of going out and being active. In fact, the next few months are perfect for enjoying the many opportunities that exist right here in our region. And there is no shortage of opportunities, beginning this Saturday at Norwood Day in Norwood Center.

A neat little report from the NVCC website tells us that many visitors to our site are looking for “attractions” and things to do in the region. Recreation, restaurants, golf, hotels and entertainment are also in the list of top searched categories on our site. Banks, attorneys and insurance score highly as well. This tool helps us understand what people are searching for when they come to our site. And believe it or not, they do. Thousands of them. In fact, http://www.nvcc.com sees about 11,000 visitors a month and is growing. Don’t forget, before Google and TripAdvisor, Chambers of Commerce were the “go to” source for information on businesses and communities. Fortunately for many, we still are.

Did you know that visitors to the Chamber website can find your business and click through to your website? Probably, but did you know that you can find out how many times potential customers have clicked through to your site or to a map of your location? It’s easy. You simply login to the member section of the website and on the left-hand side click the link for Referral Report (YTD) and up pops a report showing you that information and more based on the time period you choose. You may be surprised to see how many people are finding you through our site.

Recognizing that people are coming to our site to learn about the region and find things to do and places to go, we’ve recently created a page that gathers all that information in one place. By clicking “Visitor Information” or “Area Attractions” on our site, one is taken to a page that lists, by category, all of our restaurants, hotels, entertainment, shopping, historical, cultural and recreational activities within our region. This is a quick and handy resource to anyone, whether they live here, are moving here or just visiting.

A recent nationwide study by the Shapiro Group revealed that when a consumer knows that a business belongs to the Chamber of Commerce there is a 49% increase in its consumer favorability rating; a 73% increase in consumer awareness; a 68% increase in its local reputation; and an 80% increase in the likelihood that consumers will patronize the business in the future. So there is tremendous value in being listed on the Chamber website. Number one, consumers are looking there and two, once there they are likely to be favorably inclined to the business they find there.

Which leads me to my final point. You now have the ability to include your social media channels on your website directory listing. You can read the full story about that further down in this newsletter. In short, it means that consumers can connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social media avenues right from your directory listing through the Chamber. And it’s all included in your membership.

So we are living in a virtual world and we are pleased to be able to offer our members these virtual benefits of membership. Through our website we are promoting your business 24/7. Having said that, there is still much to be said for personal interaction and so with that, I invite you to stop by the Chamber’s tent at Norwood Day on Saturday and say hello – in person!