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The other night my family went out to eat at the British Beer Company in Walpole. The main reason we went is that the BBC was donating 10% of our total bill to the Oldham Elementary School in Norwood, which our 2nd grade girls attend. The other reasons are that they are a Chamber member, and their food is good, not to mention the beer.

Donating to a good cause or offering a discount coupon are two common ways for local businesses to attract customers. The obvious idea being to get them in once, impress them with your product and/or service and turn them into repeat loyal customers.
Did you know that there are hundreds of dollars of savings waiting for you and your employee’s right on the Chamber’s website? There are presently more than 30 offers available for you to access that are just a mouse click away. You can save 10% or more at restaurants like Chili’s, Lewis’ and the Summer Shack. Or save on professional services like web design (shotgunflat), video production (Harborview Video), or signage (Signa Rama). There are plenty of choices for both your business or personal use.

Also, as I mentioned these coupons are available to your employees as well. That’s a new employee benefit that you can offer as part of your membership in the Chamber. I encourage you to spread the word to your staff along with this link (COUPONS) so that they too can join in on the savings. All you need to do is scroll through the offers, pick what you like and click on it. You will come to your member login page where you type in your credentials, hit “login” and up pops the coupon. Print it out and go save money! It’s that easy. You save, your employees save, and you are supporting fellow members and shopping local. If you need your member login information just contact the Chamber office, and we’ll get them to you.

Of course, you can also add your own coupons by logging into the Member Login page and clicking on “Add a Coupon” on the left-hand side. Click “New Coupon” and then fill in all the details of your offer. You can offer your coupon to members only or to the general public. You can run it as long as you want and even change it from time to time. You may want to offer seasonal specials or other incentives. It’s also possible to add your logo and a photo to dress it up and increase its appeal. Once you are done and hit save, the Chamber will get an email asking us to approve the coupon. We usually do so immediately, and then the coupon is live.

We all have plenty of options to save whether it’s through Groupon, daily email specials, even direct mail coupons. Why not avail yourself of the savings being offered by your fellow Chamber members. It’s easy to do and benefits us all.