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Reservations for 500, please

One of my favorite moments working for the NVCC is when a restaurant joins the Chamber. Now please understand, we love all of our members equally, and I'm always as happy when a new member joins as I am when an existing member renews. We need all of you to be successful on your behalf. But when our Membership Director, Julie Lagadimas tells me that the British Beer Company just joined that means that now I can I eat there (and maybe have a beer too). Summer Shack just renewed. Great, guess where I'm having lunch. Lewis' is a member. I'll meet you there.

Chamber staff always preaches that you should do business with members and whenever possible we try to do the same. That means when I make decisions about where to spend my money I do consider whether a business is a member or not. So it bothers me when a restaurant that I like is not a member, because it means I cannot eat there. Of course, we are fortunate to have many restaurants as members. So many, in fact, that if I were to frequent all of them, I would either go broke or be visiting other members like Norwood Hospital or Brigham and Women