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Guest Blog - The Search for the Fountain of Youth by Master Calvin Chin, Visions HealthCare

Youthfulness, health and longevity - how is this achieved? Does anyone know the magic formula? As a long-term practitioner of Tai Chi and martial arts (over 50 years), I am approached by students and friends who are fascinated with how I have aged, since I appear to be much younger than my chronological age. I have not given this much thought until I recently reached retirement age. This has indeed sparked my own personal look at my life’s experiences, my practice and my approach. As a teacher, I realize the most important aspect is to educate students on what are the most beneficial methods of exercise, the approach and more specifically Tai Chi, active meditation. Aging and exercise should be compatible. Don’t just learn Tai Chi, but why and how one can benefit from the practice.

When asked to teach at Visions HealthCare, I was curious, since I wasn't aware of this health organization or familiar with any new ideas. After finding out more about Visions’s approach, their concept – by working closely with their clientele, by informing, by educating, by getting individuals to be more aware and mindful of his/her own health, by being pro-active and knowledgeable – truly appealed to me.

I am very excited and pleased to join Visions HealthCare as a member of their team to begin helping others by informing and sharing my experience and knowledge of Tai Chi. I look forward with the same Vision as Visions HeathCare – a healthier and better world ahead.

For more information about Tai Chi offerings visit our website, http://www.VisionsHealthCare.com, or call (781) 232-5431. Visions HealthCare is located at 910 Washington Street (Route 1A), Dedham, MA 02026.