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Fresh Perspective By NVCC Intern Jon Oslin

Before starting work at the NVCC I honestly had the wrong impression of what exactly I would do and that the job would be boring and tedious.

Over the past two weeks of working here at NVCC, I was very much proven wrong. My first week interning was basically a week to get acquainted with my workspace, and get used to the programs and tactics used in the company. One thing that I like about the company is that neatness and order counts. When completing tasks, it is the sole goal for the client to have a good impression on the company and our job is to satisfy that need. Neatness, and order are what makes a good company strive and this is one thing I like about NVCC.

My second week, I was put to work with tasks such as making excel worksheets and working with Weblink, which is a comprehensive membership management program and service that assists in the management and marketing needs of chambers of commerce.

Organization is key and is very helpful to succeeding not only in the workforce but in life too. This would be one great concept that I can take from my experience throughout my internship. I will be honest, prior to my internship, I was not the neatest person, and I still can't say I'm the best but definitely better, and this has helped me out.