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Fixing Transportation in Massachusetts

I wrote in a recent e-newsletter about the issues surrounding transportation infrastructure financing as it related to the MBTA funding crises. At the April meeting of the NVCC Board of Directors we heard a report from Eric Bourassa, transportation guru from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). Mr. Bourassa shared information from a variety of sources relating to the current and future funding issues facing the state's transportation system. Attached here is a report from one of those sources called "Maxed Out - MASSACHUSETTS TRANSPORTATION AT A FINANCING CROSSROAD" published by Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA).

This is an excellent resource that highlights a number of important points related to the state of our transportation system: How we fund transportation projects; how we got to the state we are presently in; what reform efforts have taken place; what options we have going forward.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has established itself as a worldwide leader in technology, innovation, healthcare, education and more. All of this leads to job growth and supports the vibrant cultural resources we enjoy as well. A modern, efficient and affordable highway, bridge and transit system needs to be a part of the equation in order to move people and connect the dots of our region. Simply put a first-class metropolitan area requires a first-class transportation system.

Governor Patrick has called for "adult conversation" on the issue in order to develop a solution. As a member of the Boston Regional Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) I attend a number of meetings at which these conversations will take place. I look forward to sharing information with our communities as it becomes available.

Going forward, the Chamber will remain engaged in the conversation and later this year we are planning to host a forum that will give you the opportunity to interact with state officials on what we can expect for future funding of one of our most important assets - our transportation system.

Tom O'Rourke, President and CEO
Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce