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Easy Ways to Maintain Movement in Your Life

I have always believed that exercise, daily if possible, is key to great health. I recently had a patient ask me what I do for exercise and I was pleased that I could share with her the variety of enjoyable physical activities that I do, from jogging to dancing to yoga, mostly after work every day, that keep me fit, clear my mind, improve my sleep, maintain lean body weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and improve my mood. Most take no longer than an hour, some 5 minutes. I also try to add a little activity at work, including jump roping, tai chi, parking a bit further from the office entrance, walking up and down the stairs as frequently as possible along with a few chair exercises that I do at my desk. I encourage families to try to do some online yoga at home together, go hiking or biking, or swimming at a local pond or pool. Exercise is a bonding experience. My family enjoys our annual ski trip every spring. Moderate exercise has more health benefits that I can begin to list from improving insulin resistance and thus preventing diabetes, to prevention of breast and other cancers.

- Dr. Janice Pegels, Visions HealthCare