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By Keeping In Touch

I was taught a valuable professional lesson from my parents. The lesson being that to keep truly connected, you must make the time to meet with former employers, colleagues and business friends for a quick coffee, lunch or drink to catch up. Yes, social media has made this easy, but it sometimes lacks the sincerity of human nature.

Three years ago, I did a graphic-design internship at the NVCC. My assignment was to create print material for the Flavors of the Neponset Valley event and to update the membership literature to bring continuity to the NVCC brand. I was blessed to have worked with the team at the NVCC as they were supportive and open minded to my endeavors. I was always welcome to their events and meetings, so I would have a better understanding of how a good Chamber works. I had a positive experience, earned a 4.0 with my instructor, met an amazing group of people and learned how a Chamber benefits local businesses.

I kept in touch with Cristoff Shay, through the occasional text or email. I finally followed my parents' advice and asked him to lunch. I was interested in volunteering for the Flavors event, and I wanted to catch up with the Chamber activities. We met for lunch, talked about Flavors and the new Chamber programs.

Then Cristoff asked what I have been up to. I was a deer caught in headlights, and my mind started turning. I am a stay at home mom and do the books for my husband's drywall and plastering business. Boredom was starting to set in. Now that my son is 10, I have wanted to find a part-time position doing something I love that would be flexible. This began a dialogue with Cristoff that recharged my batteries. He listened and made several good suggestions. I left our lunch refreshed and a woman on a mission.

A few weeks later, Cristoff contacted me in regard to working at the Chamber, as they had received grant monies for the branding and marketing for the communities through the web. This would enhance the Attractions Listings for visitors to our community on our website. Now, ask yourself this question...would I have been a candidate for this position if I had not physically met with Cristoff for lunch? Probably not, out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

Over the past few months, I have silently cursed the Toshiba Laptop, as I am an Apple girl. I learned the ins and outs of WebLink with Cristoff and Denise's patient ways. I have learned that I can do any task that an employer asks by asking the right questions and not to get frustrated with technical blips. I have attended ribbon cuttings, staff meetings, networking events, seminars and have had a daily laugh at the office.

Every good thing must come to an end. The Chamber project has been completed, and grant monies spent. I need to be home for my son. It is my time to go. I am not sad to leave as I have another valuable lesson from parent...with every chapter that ends, a new one begins.