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And the Winner is…

Last month I had the opportunity , along with several other Chamber members, to meet with Senator Mike Rush and his guest, Senate President Stanley Rosenberg. The Senate President has been traveling around the state meeting with local business owners and organizations. They are interested in learning what challenges business people are facing and in what ways the state can be helpful.

I took the opportunity to remind the Senators that recent actions by the legislature have not been particularly helpful to business. Raising the minimum wage, the paid sick leave act and universal health care are just a few of the mandates that have hit small business particularly hard lately. I mentioned that each act on its own may not cripple a business, but the cumulative effect can be devastating to a company’s ability to maintain its workforce and remain profitable. Why is this important? As I stated to the Senators, jobs are created by businesses and businesses pay a higher tax rate than individuals. Each time a new financial burden is placed on business it reduces their ability to create jobs and pay taxes, which in turn has a trickle down negative impact on our communities.

Also of great importance is a recognition of the impact our businesses have on our communities youth, cultural and human service programs. Picture a Little League baseball or softball team without a sponsor name on its jersey. Imagine a community arts festival without corporate sponsors. A summer concert series without business underwriters. Or a food pantry without teams of volunteers from local businesses. We have a tendency to take these actions for granted, when in fact, much of the financial and volunteer assistance that support our community organizations comes from the business community. My “ask” of the Senate President was to keep all of this in mind when the next bill asking more from business comes along.

We are fortunate in the Neponset Valley to have a number of local businesses who embody these traits of giving back to the community. Each year we have the pleasure of recognizing several of them for their efforts. Surely you know who they are. It might even be your business. My “ask” of you is to consider who you think is worthy of recognition for the philanthropic work that they do as businesses and individuals to add to the fabric of our community.

Our Annual Meeting is on Thursday, January 21st. The highlight will be when we honor our members for their community involvement. Please take just a moment to complete the short nomination form below and let us know should be recognized.