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Back To Work

Well the school buses are rolling again and the Patriots season is about to kick off. I hope everyone had a chance to take a break this summer and enjoy some time away from work, your computer and other electronic devices we seem so attached to. September always feels like the beginning of a new year to me. The kids are back in school, the cooler air re-energizes people, our event calendar picks up and people seem eager to get back to work. It’s a good time to take a look at your business goals and see where you stand before the end of the third quarter. Read more »

Easy Ways to Maintain Movement in Your Life

I have always believed that exercise, daily if possible, is key to great health. I recently had a patient ask me what I do for exercise and I was pleased that I could share with her the variety of enjoyable physical activities that I do Read more »

Non-Compete Ban Does Not Pass

The Massachusetts Legislative session ended on July 31, 2014 without the passage of a ban or restriction on non-competition agreements. A bill which would have significantly restricted the use of non-competition agreements in employment was approved by the state Senate but in the end, did not pass in the full Legislature. Read more »

Independence Day

Many years ago when rifling through some photos in the Chamber archives I found one of the Fourth of July parade in Norwood probably in the late 50’s (when we were the Norwood Chamber of Commerce). It showed a young women riding in a convertible Cadillac with a sash across her front that said “Chamber of Commerce”. Read more »

Everything You Should Know about Sinusitis - Brigham & Woman’s Hospital

Along with warmer weather and longer days, spring brings allergies and colds – often the cause of sinusitis. Read more »

Plimpton Press Development Good for Norwood Center

The Mission Statement of the Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce is “To enhance quality of life and economic development in the Neponset Valley Read more »

Playing Well in the Sandbox

Often when I speak to community groups Read more »

Shop Local and Save

The other night my family went out to eat at the British Beer Company in Walpole. The main reason we went is that the BBC was donating 10% of our total bill to the Oldham Elementary School in Norwood, which our 2nd grade girls attend. The other reasons are that they are a Chamber member, and their food is good Read more »

Is It Time for a Raise?

The Massachusetts House of Representatives will soon be debating the merits of raising the Commonwealth’s Minimum Wage rate. Read more »

Guest Blog - The Search for the Fountain of Youth by Master Calvin Chin, Visions HealthCare

Youthfulness, health and longevity - how is this achieved? Does anyone know the magic formula? As a long-term practitioner of Tai Chi and martial arts (over 50 years), I am approached by students and friends who are fascinated with how I have aged, since I appear to be much younger than my chronological age. Read more »

To Your Health

A New Year and a new start. Read more »

Young Female Athletes in Danger of Osteoporosis?  POSTED BY BRIGHAM AND WOMEN’S HOSPITAL

A 19-year-old who used to run three-to-seven miles a day, Laura now feels pain and limps even when walking. Jessica is a competitive college lacrosse player who has repeatedly sat on the sidelines during the past two seasons with foot pain. Both women are being treated for stress fractures, but they also share increased risk for a condition that can lead to irreversible loss of bone density if not recognized and treated early. Read more »

Filling the Gap

I hope that everyone had a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend. The staff here at the Chamber is thankful for the ongoing support we receive from each of you throughout the course of the year. I recently attended an excellent program at Universal Technical Institute (UTI). Read more »

Guest Blog: How to Survive the Holidays Being Gluten-Free by Dr. Wendy Trubow of Visions HealthCare

To avoid any issues this holiday season, Dr. Trubow has come up with five tips to keep you safe and satisfied through the New Year. Read more »

Guest Blog: How Loudly Does Your World Speak?  By Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA

I'm not a particularly superstitious person, but I do believe each of us has lessons to learn in life. How we approach each experience makes all the difference in how easily we learn from our mistakes, take on a new perspective and make changes. The tricky part of handling these experiences is that we often don't view them as growth opportunities until afterward. Read more »

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