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Chamber Opposes Question 4

Question #4 on the November, 2016 ballot seeks to allow the use, cultivation, possession and distribution of recreational marijuana for individuals at least 21 years old. It will allow users up to have 10 ounces of pot in their home, or one ounce on their person. Marijuana could be purchased in buds, edibles, drinkables, oils and ointments, and allows six home-grown plants for anyone over the age of 21, with a maximum of 12 plants per household. The Ballot question also sets up a state marijuana control board and advisory committee to regulate the sales and growth of recreational cannabis.

This question was written and placed on the ballot by The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol and The Marijuana Policy Project, the industry’s leading national lobbying group.

The Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce opposes Question 4, primarily from an employer’s perspective because:
• Legalization of recreational marijuana will impact Human Resources policies for thousands of Massachusetts employers. Specifically it would:
o Create a multitude of workforce issues including employee and workplace safety, potential for lost productivity, as well as significant liability if an accident occurs on the job.
o Limit an employer’s ability to prevent employees from working while impaired by marijuana consumed outside the workplace.
o Create considerable uncertainty for employers relative to their legal rights and obligations, particularly as it relates to workplace drug policies.
o Cause employers to operate in an environment in which state law permits private use of marijuana, while federal law prohibits marijuana use.
o Put employees at risk as there are no field testing means or thresholds to establish safe levels of use for employees who may be operating machinery or driving vehicles.

• This bill was initiated by the commercial marijuana industry with no input from the general public, local government, law enforcement and businesses
• The 24-page ballot initiative is too complicated and broad in scope
• It allows highly potent edibles and infused candies, cookies and flavored soda products that could be potentially marketed to innocent children
• Marijuana was already decriminalized in 2008 and medical marijuana is currently legal under a doctor’s supervision.
• There are not enough checks and balances to endorse Question 4.

Please vote “No” on Question 4!